Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is an elected position. Elected in 2017, Bill Everett is the current CEO. The CEO is elected by a plurality vote on a non-partisan ballot for a four-year term.


The duties for CEO include:

  • Accounting for all funds of the government and submits reports on the financial conditions of the government to the Commission
  • Carry out policies established by the Commission and perform other assignments as required by the Commission
  • Enforcing laws, ordinances, and resolutions
  • Hiring and managing employees of the local government
  • Informing the County Commissioners of the state of governmental affairs
  • Negotiating contracts with employees of the local government, subject to Commission approval
  • Prepare budget to the Commission for approval and execute the budget adopted by Commission
  • Prepare Commission agenda’s and attend all Commission meetings
  • Recommending measures to improve governmental operations and conditions within the city-county