Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer is an elected position. Elected in 2017, Bill Everett is the current CEO. The CEO is elected by a plurality vote on a non-partisan ballot for a four-year term.


The duties for CEO include:

  • Accounting for all funds of the government and submits reports on the financial conditions of the government to the Commission
  • Carry out policies established by the Commission and perform other assignments as required by the Commission
  • Enforcing laws, ordinances, and resolutions
  • Hiring and managing employees of the local government
  • Informing the County Commissioners of the state of governmental affairs
  • Negotiating contracts with employees of the local government, subject to Commission approval
  • Prepare budget to the Commission for approval and execute the budget adopted by Commission
  • Prepare Commission agenda’s and attend all Commission meetings
  • Recommending measures to improve governmental operations and conditions within the city-county


Dwyer School-Request for Proposal

1601 Tammany Street, Anaconda, MT 59711

 Anaconda-Deer Lodge County (ADLC) is inviting development propos­als for property located at 1601 Tammany Street known as the Dwyer School located in Anaconda, Montana.  Developer Proposals for both sale and for long-term lease will be considered.

The County considers it to be in the best interest of the community to make this property available for development, and expects that potential projects will address the County’s objectives for this property, including:

 Expedient and beneficial development of the property

  • Job creation
  • General economic development
  • Private investment
  • General increases in property values 
  • Increased tax revenues
  • Catalyst to additional economic activity in ADLC

The Developers’ Package must include:  

  • Purchase Price
  • Use of the property
  • Capital Improvement Plans
  • Community Impact
  • Neighborhood Impact 
  • Time-line to complete development

OR         specific terms to lease this property

Additional information can be obtained by contacting CEO Bill Everett:

Anaconda Deer-Lodge County

800 Main Street

Anaconda, MT 59711   

(406) 563-4000

All Development Proposals must be submitted to the ADLC Chief Executive’s Office no later than Thursday, October 13, 2022 November 3, 2022 at 3:00 p.m.