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About Justice Court


The Justice Court has jurisdiction over misdemeanor offenses including criminal, traffic, Motor Carrier Services, Fish Wildlife and Parks, and City Ordinances. The Justice Court also issues Orders of Protection.

While not a specific service of this office, the Judge, at their discretion, may perform weddings.

The Court also offers an extensive listing of legal assistance documents and materials.


If you have a ticket for which you must appear before the Judge, you must call our office, 406-563-4025, to schedule an appointment for a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. If you do not have an appointment the Judge may not be able to see you. You can pay fines by debit or credit card at www.paygov.us

Please do not hesitate to contact the office with any questions you may have.

Arranging Civil Filings & Small Claims

The cost for civil filing fees is $50 and is NON-REFUNDABLE. Before filing your complaint please send a letter of demand with a specific deadline for the defendant. The civil answer fee is $30 per party. The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Justice Court accepts suits up to $15,000. Claims exceeding this amount must be filed with the District Court.

The small claim filing fees are $30, and small claim Appearance fee is $20 per party. The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Justice Court accepts filings up to $7,000. Claims exceeding this amount must me filed with the District Court.


Weddings are performed at the discretion of the Judge. Personal arrangements must be made with the Judge prior to the ceremony. Montana Marriage Applications (PDF) are available online or in the District Court office. Questions regarding the Montana Marriage Applications can be directed to the District Court.

Orders of Protection

The Court issues Orders of Protection. These are court orders, signed by the Judge, which legally prevent an individual that has harmed another person or entity from contacting or continuing their abusive behavior. Refer to Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 40-15-201 to 40-15-204 for further information.

The necessary forms for an Order of Protection can be accessed online at the Montana Law Library or the Montana Attorney General’s Office, as well as by contacting the Anaconda-Deer Lodge County Victim/Witness Advocate.

Additional Resources

Please contact our office so that we may provide you with the most relevant and helpful resources. You may also visit Montana Law Help for free legal assistance online.