The Planning Department strives to sustain and improve the health, safety, convenience, and welfare of the citizens of Anaconda-Deer Lodge County and to plan for the future development of the community.

Development Permit System

Anaconda-Deer Lodge County is currently updating the Development Permit System (DPS). Last updated in 1992, the focus of this update includes:

  • Designing neighborhood conservation/preservation standards
  • Examining general standards for relevance
  • Exploring development standards for outlying planning districts
  • Incorporating institutional controls into development standards for Smelter Overlay District
  • Integrating Planned Industrial Districts
  • Proposing county-wide environmental standards
  • Revising for better clarity and completeness
  • Simplifying review procedures

Proposed amendments to the DPS Chapter 24 

Exhibit 3  of the Funding and Settlement agreement between A-DLC and Atlantic Richfield Company.

Big Hole River Conservation Development Standards & Permitting Process

Ordinance Number 208, the Big Hole River Conservation Development Standards and Permitting Process (PDF), ensures the preservation of orderly development along the Big Hole River through the establishment of standards and a permitting process for new construction and the transaction of such business. These efforts aim to protect the quality of the river corridor and its natural resources.

2019 ADLC Growth Policy


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Land Use

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Existing Land Use Map