Boards & Commissions



Please submit a letter of interest to the Commission Office, care of Lori Sturm, Commission Clerk at:
800 Main Street
Anaconda, MT 59711

You can also email Lori Sturm. More information regarding each board may also be obtained from the Commission Office from the same address. Call the Commission Office at 406-563-4002.

Current Vacancies

  • Anaconda Urban Renewal Agency Board - 1 Vacancy
  • Area V on Aging - 1 vacancy
  • Cemetery Board - 2 vacancies
  • DUI Task Force Board - 2 Vacancies-Licensed Addiction Counselor and Public Health Representative 
  • Health Board -  2 Vacancies - 1 Ex-Officio Commission Appointed and 1 Ex-Officio Health Board Appointed
  • Local Emergency Planning Committee - 2 vacancies
    • 1 vacancy for a local transportation representative
    • 1 vacancy for owner/operator of a facility subject to the requirements of Section 301 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA)
  • Mosquito Control Board, West Valley - 1 vacancy
  • Planning Board - 1 vacancy
  • Tree Board - 2 vacancies
  • Weed Board - 2 vacancies ( Rural/Agricultural members)


Note: Contest entries may become available to the public through the website May is Historic Preservation Month! The Historic Resources Board invites students to celebrate by researching and sharing information about Anaconda’s Past. Any Anaconda Deer Lodge County student in grades 7-12 may enter. 

Students wishing to participate may submit an essay or a digital production. Essays must be 300-600 words. Digital productions are limited to 3.5 minutes. Every entry focused on one of the listed questions or topics must include: (1) Student’s name (2) Student’s Grade and (3) at least one cited source to support their research. Anaconda Junior /Senior High students may submit an entry to Ms. Everett or any teacher assigning the project. Home school students may submit entries to All entries are due on or before May 20th, 2022. 

Winners and prizes for top entries from every grade level will be announced in June. Anaconda topics • How has Anaconda contributed to the country? • How are Anaconda & Butte’s histories connected? • Why is it important to preserve historic sites and buildings? Essay must highlight at least one saved, lost, or altered historic resource. National Register of Historic Places • In your view, what is the most treasured Anaconda site not listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Why? • Why is the Smoke Stack important to Anaconda’s history? • In your opinion, what is the most valuable historic site, building, or district in Deer Lodge County? Local People & their Impacts • Write about an important figure in Anaconda’s history? How did they shape our town? • How has Anaconda’s history been shaped by someone in your family? Did a member of your family work on the smelter or on the railroad? Essay must include a reference (newspaper article, employee record, etc.) • How did Anaconda’s ethnic neighbors contribute to the city? Resources Many resources and references are available, a few ideas to help students research their topic of choice are: • Copper Village has Polk directories, local books, and digitized smelter employee records. • Hearst Free Library for access to • Local Historic Preservation Plan: ew/2362/ADLC-Historic-Preservation-Plan • State Historic Preservation Plan: StatePlan_2018_2022.pdf • Historic sign program website shares narratives of listed historic photos, and suggested tours • FAQs about the National Register: • National Register listings and nomination forms: esults/59ef40b5e0624377ad61459c01ccc 461?page=1&view=lis