Maps & Data

The Geographic Information System (GIS) Database is a computer-based tool that utilizes spatial data for mapping and analyzing information and events that are associated with a specific location for those properties within Anaconda-Deer Lodge County. This system stores information about the Site as a collection of thematic layers that can be linked together by geography.


The most important components of the GIS Database are the data sources. The types of data currently contained in this system include:

  • Aerial photos, site features, and other physical property data
  • Land use/type data
  • Institutional Controls (including land use restrictions)
  • Environmental data (primarily soil arsenic concentrations)
  • Remedial actions taken on a parcel-by-parcel basis, including remedy as-built drawings

Thus, the GIS Database provides an accessible record of the existence of Institutional Controls and the remedial actions for specific areas of the site.