Anaconda's Past

The Historic Resources Board presents local speakers and history at monthly community events.

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Upcoming events

*Schedule is subject to change.

January 11, 2024 History of the Hearst Free Library with Sam Walters at the library

February 8, 2024 Journalism in Anaconda with James S. Rosien at The Elks Club

Date Presenter(s)
Topic and Recording link
11-09-23 Rick Ivankovich
Anaconda Bars and the Red Light District
10-12-23 Peter Pitcher and Dave McKernan
Celebrating 50 Years of Discovery Basin
Discovery Ski slides
09-14-23 Ed Beaudette
Exploring Anaconda's Water History
Water history slides
08-05-23   The Ghost of Smeltermen's Day Past (collection of historic photos)
Anaconda Historic Photos
06-08-23 Mike Hammer, Ken Maynard, Joe Strelnik
The Montana Tammany Ballroom
05-20-23   Historic Stroll on Main Street
Photos from event
05-11-23 Ray Ryan
Job Corps History
Job Corps slides
04-13-23 Kali Zaglauer
Black History in Anaconda and Montana
Black History slides
03-09-23 Kevin Kovacich
The Foundry in Anaconda: Then and Now
Foundry slides
02-09-23 Dave McKernan
Historic Winter Carnival of 1935 and Wraith Ski Hill
01-12-23 Stan Blaz & Sharon Jurcich Wren
Shuster & The Croatian Presence in Anaconda

11-10-22 Dan Goddard
Aladdin Home Style Kits in Anaconda
Aladdin slides & links
10-13-22 Milo Manning
Four Smelters, Two Stacks
Historic smelter photos
09-08-22 Walt Hansen
Syttende Mai (Norwegian Independence Day) and their presence in Anaconda
06-09-22 McCarthy Family
The History of Leprechaun Village
Photos from past events
05-12-22 John Fitzpatrick
An Immigrant's Experience with the Grocery Business
maps and photos; food timeline
04-14-22 Sharon Wren
Researching Family History
genealogy pages
03-10-22 Angela Smith
Washoe Fish Hatchery
02-10-22 Jeff Frank
Championship Teams
sports handout
01-13-22 Mary Lynn McKenna Rural Schools