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April 23, 2021 10:11 AM

House Bill 176: Voter Registration now ends at Noon the day BEFORE Election Day.

ADLC Elections has received notification that changes have been made in Montana Code for certain Election Laws. This bill modifies MCA 13-2-301(4), 13-2-304, 13-13-301 and 13-19-207.

HB 176 clarifies Chapter 19 of Title 13 MCA, or Montana's Mail Ballot procedures. This law is meant to ensure that late registered voters receive a ballot in conjunction with late registration.

Between the time that an election is announced and before noon, on the day before an election, under this new law a qualified elector will need to make sure their registration is valid in ADLC for their vote to count on Election Day. ADLC will not be able to process new registrations after this deadline. We encourage you to check your registration regularly to ensure your information is accurate on the Secretary of States "My Voter Page". A link to this page is located on the ADLC Voter Information page on the ADLC website.

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