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Recycling Partnership Program 2023

  1. ADLC Recycling Partnership Program 2023
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  3. The Anaconda-Deer Lodge County (ADLC) Recycling Partnership Program aims to encourage recycling and aid community fundraising efforts. 

    Approved applicants of local organizations are assigned a two-month collection period to promote and collect recycling. All proceeds from eligible recycling delivered to ADLC Landfill will benefit the chosen organization.

    For questions about this program or application please call Planning at 406-563-4012. Application deadline is December 22nd. Applicants will receive a response by January 10th.

  4. Landfill

    Hours, Location, and Phone

  5. Eligible recyclables include:

    Aluminum cans (beverage- no food cans)

    Corrugated cardboard


  6. Applicant
  7. Fundraiser
  8. W-9*

    A W-9 form is required with submission of this application. Please email W-9 to

  9. Thank You!

    Thank you for your interest in this program. You and your organization will receive a written notification following a committee selection meeting.

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